Automatic reorganisation of mp3 folder structure to ('artist') - 'year' - 'albumtitle'

Does anybody know how i could automatically rename the folders containing my mp3s depending on the files they are containing?
Each album is in it's own folder, with the folder being named ('artist') - 'albumtitle'.
Now i would like to add the year, so it would be ('artist') - 'year' - 'albumtitle'..

Actually i would prefer to just automatically rename the folders instead of moving the files to a completely new folder tree, as the danger of complete chaos (if something goes wrong) is less.. But if there is no other way, so be it..

Is something like that possible with Mp3Tag? Or can somebody recommend another program?

You can use an action Format value for the field _DIRECTORY with a format string

'('%artist%')' - %year% - %album%

Great! That's exactly what i was looking for!! I love Mp3Tag! :w00t:

Is there also a possibility to rename only the folders for which a year information is in the tags and leave those where there is no year as "(artist) - album"?


'('%artist%')' - [%year% - ]%album%

Incredible! i expected some long code line beginning 'if...'

again, thank you very much!

Does the procedure change anything in the tags or write new tags? I think there would be no need for it but the standard progress window is titled "writing tag-information" which makes me unsure..