Automatic replacement of TITLE when using an export action

I use this script for exporting a list of files

$TITLE(C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\Documents\! Mp3tag export list %_DATETIME%.txt,utf-16)$loop(%_filename%,1)>> R + E ~ >| - %TITLE% $loopend()

Would it be possible to automatically replace something [if it it present] to something else?

For example among all of the files loaded to Mp3tag and selected for the list creation there would some files that would have [all of those some files] a title like

A (B) {C)

but I would prefer to see in the TXT file

X [Y] #Z

every time [thus such exchange would happen often many times]

Right now I have to make such replacements manually within the TXT file; which I do often and repeatedly for the same TITLEs, which is both time consuming and plain tiresome

The export supports the scripting functions (take a look at the help file), hence you can use commands like $replace(string,from,to) to change the output.
$replace(%title%,'A (B) {C)','X [Y] #Z')


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