Automatic resizing album art & suggestion

Is it possible to automatically resize album / cover art? My audio streaming hardware (Sonos) is rather particular about this and does not accept anything larger than 1024x1024. It would be so nice if mp3tag, when copying album art to cover art field, would automatically resize the file to whatever size had been pre-set by the user. If this option does not yet exist, would sure like to have it in a future version.

A second option that would be very useful but perhaps not so easy to implement, would be to abandon the choice of files to be tagged by directory and instead allow tagging of files from different directories. The classical music fans among us may well have distributed the contents of one album over different directories (if such an album contains works by different composers for example, or if it contains different types of works like piano concertos, symphonies, sonatas, etc), and need to bring these files together for tagging (or updating their tagging).

Yes, wouldn't it be nice, if everything went automatically?
If you want to have some kind of automated function for resizig then ...
... save all cover art as folder.jpg (there is an action for it in MP3Tag)
... have all your mp3 files catalogued by WMP.
... start the freeware Albumartfixer which AUTOMATICALLY resizes all folder.jpgs
... reimport the resized folder.jpg into your tracks with an mp3tag function.

THis would also reduce the size to a WMP compatible scale... whoever needs that.

BTW: resizing small albumarts to a preset larger scale would lead to gruesomely pixeled images. I do not know, whether such an automatism would really be an advance to tagging.

It should be relatively easy to resize large images and leave the small ones alone. Some of us are just not happy with the sometimes tiny album art that is automatically downloaded and scan our own covers. However, the use of multiple applications with different requirements about the maximum size makes it impractical to resize every image several times (although that is exactly what I do). Having MP3Tag do this for you removes one hurdle in the cover art "war".

A Resize function seems to be pretty common now with alot of ripping programs. We don't want to save and resize in another program. Can't a resize function be implemented into MP3 tag ?