Automatic selection Next track doesn't work

Hi, I've just installed the 2.45a mp3 tag version but I have a problem. I've just select the "automatic select next track" option in mp3tag general option but it doesn't work. I have always to select the next track manually. Before installing this version I had the 2.41 version and there were no problem. Can you solve it please or let me know I can activate this option? Thanks a lot

No one can help me??

It is very difficult to help on such a small base of facts.
Perhaps your configuration file is somehow upset/mixed up/garbage.
So if you write a new configuration it could be that everything is fine again.

Try to rename the mp3tag.cfg
in folder path
(or do an Explorer Search for mp3tag.cfg on your windows drive).
Close MP3tag, rename mp3tag.cfg to something like mp3tag.cfg.old
restart mp3tag and set the option for next track.
If then everything is fine, you've got the culprit.
Otherwise you can rename mp3tag.cfg to its old name so you don't lose all the other settings. You will have to close mp3tag first and delete the newly written configuration file though.

I did what you said but I can't solve the problem and considering that I just installed the 2.39 version that works well waiting for a new version of mp3tag. Thanks a lot

I have the same problem.

When saving a track after editing, the focus should go to the next file in line with this option flagged right? It doesn't seem to do anything. Did it work in earlier versions? I'm new to this program.

Using 2.45b

Please explain exactly how you edit/save a file.

Well...imagine I have two .mp3 files loaded into Mp3Tag. They are sorted like this:

The Beatles - Get Black
ABBA - Dancing Queen

Obviously I want to correct the title of the Beatles song, so I click on the song in the overview in the right window and then I proceed to remove the 'l' from the title of the song in the left window were all the tags of the selected file are listed for editing.

Once I've done so I click on the floppy disk icon in the taskbar to save the tag. I would then expect that once it has been saved (which works perfectly) the next file (ABBA - Dancing Queen) would be selected (meaning the focus in the right window switches to that file and in the left window all tags for that file appear) but it doesn't happen.

I hope that helps. I am obviously missing something here, but I've got no clue as to what that might be.

Thank you.
Just press the [Enter] key to save the changes and go to the next file.

[Enter] Doesn't seem to do anything at all. It doesn't save a change to the tag and it doesn't switch to the next file. :frowning:

So I just found out that the place where I am editing the tags is called 'tag panel' whereas the option we're talking about speaks of 'file view'.

I assumed this was the same but maybe not. However I cannot seem to find any way to get to this 'file view'.

In the tag panel you must press Ctrl+N to get to the next file.
And in "Options > Tags" you must enable
[x] Save tags when using arrow-keys/single mouse click
to make it save the tag when you use Ctrl+N

To edit in the file view, select a file and then click in a column.

Thanks! That works.

So I'll only be using the tag panel as using the file view will only allow you to change in one column at the time.

Is there anyway to replace the Ctrl+N with something else, like just hitting [Enter]?

edit: or better yet: have the 'save icon' do the same as Ctrl+N, that would be exactly what I am looking for.