Automatic song rating / with web script

Hello together,

is there web script for automatic song rating ?

It would be very fine to be able to use a web service for automatic song rating (for exampe 1-5 "stars") into a tag, for example into the enhanced tag RATING MM ?

Thanks for you information !


Music is subjective. You really want to rate music on what other people think?

I agree - on the other hand, it is probably very easy: if you ask the followers of an artist, simply add the maximum rating. :wink:
Actually, I doubt that there is any serious web source that delivers a rating for the described music. Any rating on a page probably refers to the quality of the information on that page.

Well, someone likes this song, another one that song ... okay.
But is this really rating ?

Yes, it is one kind of rating.
Of course you can add these likes/dislikes in a tag , for example RATING / MY RATING.

On the other hand ratings from a lot of people/a music magazine/ an editorial department is definitly MORE OBVIOUS than a subjective rating. And YES, I want to have an abjective rating of my music archive.

Especially if there is a completely automated solution for it.

There is no question about having a subjective OR objective rating of a song.
It is (very) easy to have both.

So why not having both ?
Why not using a popular online service like lastfm ?
It saves us lots of hours ... / of course we can do personal rating by hand if we like, too.

So to come back to the point:
What can we do with MP3tag scripts there ?