Automatic tagging possible?

Hello there,

I searched around on Google and tried out some stuff myself on Mp3Tag and searched in the forum and found nothing. FreeDB ID seems to be somewhat dead?
I got a rip here of 200 files from the Gran Turismo 6 soundtrack.
Only the numbers are here. So it starts with Track 001 and ends with Track 200.
No song titles, nor meta info nor album covers in the song files, just the pure audio files without any attachment. My only solution so far would be playing each track and let Shazam recognize which track I am hearing and when it finds something I can name it.
I need special audio analyzation.
Is Mp3Tag capable of this?
So far it only allows finding my tags for official releases on Discogs.

MP3tag can't guess for you which audio track you have.
And yes, this one of the web source scripts that works as you described it.

I do not know how it is in those days, when I was extracting ripping music from 1990 games, I simply recognized where a track was in the game - and made names myself. Often I had a a little help in form of 8 sign names of MIDI files

But that was then, where you had games where 20 or 30 tracks would be called a vast soundtrack

In the next decade the musicscape of games expanded, so it was harder on the account of amount. But also easier because there was the knowledge of Internet at disposal

Ask around for help on Gran Turismo forums. Look for fan made edition of scores. Is there a Gran Turismo wiki? Check out these sites:

[Assuming that you legally own the game, despite your local copyright laws, in my opinion you have a moral right to be able download that music - assuming that you will find anything]

If everything fails just use Mp3tag or file-manager like FreeCommander to name your tracks "Gran Turismo Cue #1", "Gran Turismo Cue 2", "Gran Turismo Track 003" [or whatever naming system you want to adopt]. You still will not know the titles, but at least you will have an order in your files