automatic track numbering

I did search and check FAQ. Seems giving 650 tracks a track number should be trivial like generating a sequential number string in Excel cells is.

I was up to track 250 and thought this is stupid, this app surely has a counter function. Well I found it under Track>Customize columns>Value %_counter%. But I could not make it work as I would expect. How do I do it?

**I love this product and am discovering all sorts of capability

The Mp3tag system variable %_counter% cannot be used within the Mp3tag list view and column definitions, but in Export scripts and in Action and Converter format strings.

For example ... you can use %_counter% as described there ...
New feature suggestion: incremental counter (in the title field.)

At first ... try out the "Autonumbering Wizard" to set sequential track numbers.


Thank you. I got it to work. I kept expecting to see the track numbers generated to appear in the track column.