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I use this wonderful product to tag audio tracks recorded as mp3 files from radio programs. Example: Five tracks from the "john smith" show, timed to avoid commercials as much as possible. (this works reasonably well with network programming, but less well with non network programming). In any event, I'm wondering if there is an automatic numbering feature that I can use to tag each of these files in order without selecting each file first, tagging it, and then moving on to the next file. This program is important because at least some, and maybe all, personal use recording programs do not tag each individual track.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Kretchmer 11


If I understand you correctly, the only thing you want is adding tracknumbers to a bunch of files at once. If so, this can easily be done with the Auto-numbering wizard from the Tools menu (or via [Ctrl+K]).

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~ Florian


yes, I think that's probably correct, but I didn't see any instructions as to how to use that tool and, I'm embarrassed to admit, I couldn't figure it out. Nor did I see an entry in the Help file for that tool. Can you point me in the proper direction? thanks!

kretchmer 11


Just select the the five tracks from the "John Smith" show and run the wizard on them. After that every track has a track number from 1 to .

Hope that helps!

~ Florian


Thanks for the instructions. When I transfer the files to my treo 650, though, the track numbers do not appear; I've not been able to find any indication that the tracks are actually numbered in any way, except as they were originally downloaded(in this case, I use replay radio to record talk radio programs),

On the other hand, if I manually renumber each file, all is well and the numbers transfer just fine. It's just that this is a lot of work and all I really want is a track number, somewhere, telling me the order of the segments.




Maybe you have to build proper filenames from your re-numbered tracks?

Just try it using the converter Tag - Filename and a formatstring like $num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%

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~ Florian