Automatically adding cover art from folder

Good Morning Developers

I was wondering about a potential feature, If its possible.

When adding a folder for example (Bon jovi album) for the program to automatically import the file art from the folder, instead of using the cover art finder / dragging and dropping by opening the folder

this way it means i dont have to have multiple windows open.

You can already import cover art from a folder with the Action "Import Cover from File":

BTW: Do you remember this thread?

Thank you for this i will have a look now

Hi.sorry to ask do you have a a copy of the action string as i cant get mine to work?

The format string for image filename has to exactly match your cover artwork file name in your folder.

As the documentation says:

You can use fixed text like folder.jpg and placeholders like %artist% and %album% in the format string.

For example:

i didnt really understand the place holders, ive followed your image. apologies for the noob questions

Sometimes, the cover artwork does not have a fixed name like folder.jpg or front.jpg
Sometimes, the cover artwork filename will be named like ABBA - Waterloo.jpg - for example.
In such cases, you could use placeholders like
%artist% - %album%.jpg
as format string for image filename. The content for this placeholders will be taken from the tags ARTIST and ALBUM then.

sorry for inconvenience, is there away for it to search for any jpg within the folder, as some of my art is labelled different?

so in your image if i just add .jpg would that find any JPG and add it?

You can try it with
AFAIK in this case, it takes the first JPG in your folder and add it. But you have no control which JPG exactly will be added.

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right i will experiment with that, i mean what would be good is for it to add all the covers and then you remove which ones are not correct

thank you buddy

I doubt that other people need that feature. Most people like to have control about what a software does.

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