Automatically / batch a mp3 title from the file name?

Hi, sorry for my stupid question...but i a total newb to tags...

I never needed to edit them until i got this stupid ipod for christmas.

Anyways, im looking for a easy way to make the " tag title" of all my mp3's, match the file names.
All my mp3's filenames are as follows. (as seen in windows explorer.)

Aerosmith - Angel.mp3
America - Sandman.mp3
Beatles - Hey Jude.mp3
etc....4000 songs later...

Im looking for a easy way to make the tag "title" of each mp3 reflect the exact "filename" of each mp3 (minus the mp3 extension ofcourse :slight_smile:

Ive been looking and i cant seem to figure it out in the mp3tag software...but im sure theres a way.

Anyways, any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Load all your mp3 files into Mp3tag.
Select all loaded files (ctrl-A).
Go to the menu "convert" and choose "Filename - Tag" option.
Enter the parsing format e.g. %artist% - %title% in the prompt window.
Click OK.
The "title" part of the filenames will be copied into the mp3 files, in the title tag.

I wish you were here, so i could offer you a beer !!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

I need to copy the Filename from the 1st column to the Title in the 4th column. The OK bottom was dimmed after I entered the parsing format. What did I do wrong?

Do understand what you want to do and how you can accomplish this the Mp3tag way.
The OK button is not active because your input is not correct.
The formatstring does not match with the parts from the underlying filename.
In the filenames there are four parts delimited by a space character.
Try formatstring %part1% %part2% %part3% %part4% and see what is going on ...

Use action "Tag format"
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %_filename%


Figured id just throw this out there as well since it saved me hours and hours and hours of time throughout the years.

Bulk Rename Utility

It can edit any given file name of select of files to pretty much any way to want to.
Add something here...delete something there....start at this spot....end at this spot...etc.

It does pretty much everything and anything.
It give a nice preview of what your files will look like after the rename so theres no "what if's"

I really only have to use the first few option at the top...but boy is this thing great!

figured it would be perfect to share hear for anyone else looking to rename a tons of in my case getting em ready for mp3tag :slight_smile:


Boy, I really feel like a dummy. I've been using MP3Tag for several months and read this thread earlier today because I too want to copy filenames to the title field. After reading THIS post, I managed to stumble on the correct steps and did it with four files.

Now, two hours later, I can't reconstruct what I did. Will you kindly help me, please?

I get the correct filename when I Input the four-part filename you show above. THEN I can't remember what I did with your second part of your post. Sorry, but I need some help. Thanks

Edited a short time later: Please forgive my stupidity! I just figured it out and repeated my process successfully. Sorry for the intrusion. Danke!

I want to thank everyone for teaching me how to do this, i.e. use the filename to be the Title.

So I wrote what I did as a reminder to myself:

how to make the Title use the filename as that Title with mp3tag v2.87a

select (turn blue) the files you want to change the Title for.
Convert | Filename - Tag
for 'select format string' select the right arrow and make this choice: chose %title%
chose 'preview' to see the new title
if it is what you want (i.e. the title is now the filename) then click OK
At that point all the files you have chosen (even if it is thousands of them) will have the filename as the Title.

(Obviously you want to try this first on a few files only. Just copy some files to a new folder and try it on them first before using it on a large number of files).

Most of the stuff above Darto was just a hash. Darto's step-by-step was clear and right.
Thanks, Darto.