Automatically enforced custom tagging rules.


I'm very interested in keeping the tags of my music library strictly standards compliant.
However, sometimes I have to use media players which doesn't seem to bother about standards at all. (My mobile phone for example.)

To make sure my music library works well with most (if not all) media players, I would like to define rules which are automatically executed and enforced whenever I'm editing the tags of some of my files.

For example:

Rule 1:
(ALBUM ARTIST = Various Artists) = (TPE2/BAND = Various Artists) = (TCMP/ITUNESCOMPILATION = 1)

Rule 2:

Rule 3:
If YEAR is missing

Those rules should be enforced in all directions. I. e. if I edit ALBUM ARTIST, BAND and ITUNESCOMPILATION should be updated. If I'm editing ITUNESCOMPILATION, the other two should be updated accordingly.

I guess right now this could be provisorily implemented as a Action, but the would require the user too keep in mind to activate this specific action always. User will forget definately.

Maybe this could be implemented in a more special way? If not, maybe at least action templates could be provided.

Looking forward for your oppinion on this! :slight_smile:
all the best - Binaermensch

Standards - what standards?
Ok, your standards.

Mp3tag is a basically user-driven toolbox.
There is no "more or less intelligent guessing" unattended automation, but there are many ways for automation of rather complete work processes.

If the user loses his memory, so he might have a problem.
It might help to keep important things within a notebook.


Options > Tags > Mapping
try what happen if you map differnt sources to the same target
i never tried it, but should work

What kind of standardization is that which creates an absolute custom-field?
Ma player is definitely not iTunes so why should a program pollute my tracks with such a field.
OK, enough of the rattle.
I think DetlevD is completely right: use the powers of MP3tag for invidualization but do not force others to adopt your personal preferences.
Any such "automatic" features would create an endless discussion of whether it should be switched on or off. There is even a discussion about the splash screen and whether it should be displayed or not.
So try to think of a script or an action.
If that is particularly good and you want to share it with the world, post it in this forum.

@user-driven toolbox:
I know that as for now there is no such automation implemented. Actually that was the reason I started this topic.
(I don't seem to get your argument, sorry.)

@storing things in a netbook:
Of course, that's the way to go! I'm sure you also see no need for automated event reminders (such as in Outlook), people should just write it down! That helps for sure.

  • I did not say that ITUNESCOMPILATION is a standard. I did not, because it is not. Still I have to use it in order to feed my iPod well.
  • Actually, my interest is more to have a general background-rules-enforcing-engine installed, rather than having my rules installed in particular.

That was actually really helpful, thank you!

I'm sure it helps when dealing with the BAND/TPE2 and ALBUM ARTIST-tags, but I think it won't work with ITUNESCOMPILATION as this one stores only numerical values.