Automatically Remove Leading Track Numbers?

Frequently I use MP3TAG to create m3u files and do some general tag cleanup, but I'm having real difficulty with tags that feature the track number before the song title. Is there a way to automatically remove these without having to manually go through and delete them one by one?

yes, but the exact formatstring depends on the way the title is written.

i have stored several actions for this:

Action: Guess Values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %track% %title%
Guessing pattern: %track% - %title%
Guessing pattern: %track%-%title%

thinking about it, i could make a regualar expression for that which covers all common cases:

Action: Guess Values
Source Format: $regexp(%title%,'^(?:(\d+|\w\d)|(\w)[\W])[\W](.)',$1$2@@@$3)
Guessing Pattern: %track%@@@%title%

works if the track is one or more diggits (1, 01, 101,...), a letter + a digit (a1, a2, b1, ...) or just one letter (a, b, c,...).
(pretty good, will delete my actions above and replace it with the new one :))

I don't want to sound stupid, but what you've described makes no sense to me. Is there a way you could guide me along to achieve this? I assume this is a one-time action that could be added somewhere in the options so that I wouldn't have to do all of that typing? Or am I incorrect?

Actions can be accessed for creation of modification in the menu "Actions".
To create a new action press Alt-5.
A dialogue opens which show all the already defined actions.
Create a new one by clicking on the "new" button on the top right.
Enter a sensible name for the action so that you can re-identify it later.
Then go on as pone has described it in respect to action type and parameters to be entered.
Save the action by clicking on OK.
When you have returned to the actions dialogue it should show the new action as bottom entry.
You may now either execute the action straight away by ticking the box in front of it and clicking OK or close this dialogue and access the action from the toolbar using the Actions button dropdown list.
An action is executed for all the files you have selected in the list window.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Without your help I would have been forever editing titles by hand. This saves me so much time and effort! You rock!

Thanks again!