Automating Music Collection with Mp3Tag

Hello all,

I've got a few questions around automating my mp3tag collection. Some of these may or may not be possible, and I could certainly spend a lot of hours hunting around trying to find the answers, but I thought it would be better to post on this forum where more knowledgeable folk can spend a few minutes of their time to save me many hours :slight_smile:

The actions I'm looking to do are for the purposes of automating my music collection. My current process is:

  1. I acquire a new album
  2. I manually rename the album to %album% (%year%) via Windows Shell
  3. I move this album out of my downloads folder into my music folder and..
    3a. If I already have an album from that artist I move it into their %artist% folder
    3b. If this is the first album from that artist I create the %artist% folder
  4. I right click on the folder and open Mp3Tag via the shell
  5. In Mp3tag I click Convert > Tag - Filename > leave the default $num(%track%,2) %title% as is and click OK. I have mp3tag automatically create 00 %album%.m3u.
  6. Mp3tag renames all files, I then go and delete any remaining files (cover art, default .m3u files, random files that are probably useful but I don't want, etc).

Can you help me automate the process based on this description? I'm primarily looking for the folder renaming (2.), and the file renaming (6.) to occur automagically without breaking any of the other content in my downloads folder, but there may be other opportunities.

Thanks in advance!

** Edit **!: In addition, my Music folder currently only has about 60% of the music converted using the above rules (due to it being a manual process that I need to execute for each folder). Is there a way for me to 'mass-convert' all of this?

Have a look at the Convert functions.
You can move files from one location to another by entering absolute or relative filenames.
The substitute for the Convert functions as an action is the "Format value" action for _FILENAME.
Pre-condition is that you have filled all the fields that provide data for the new location.

As for the other 40% of your collection: if you already have the correct amount of files in the correct number of folders (and not one folder for several albums) then you can move/rename these folders with an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY. Do not enter any parts of a filename for this part.