Automating my folder renaming

Hi guys,

I was wondering if somebody most proficient with using mp3tag could help me. Currently i mainly use it to quickly rename my albums into a particular format i store them on my computer. I currently use Convert > Tag / Filename and then $num(%track%,2) %title% to convert the filename for each song to the format i keep it in.

There are currently a few bumps, and it isn't as automated as i would like it to be. I still have to rename the folders that i store them in, and sometimes go through and delete garbage .m3u files that i do not need (as opposed to the ones mp3tag generates from me).

This is the current format of how i store my music
My Music >>
Artist Folder >> (Simply the name of the artist, all listed in My Music)
Album Name (xxxx) >> (where xxxx is the year it was made)
00 Album Name.m3u
xx Song Name.mp3 (where xx is the track number).

So Questions;

  1. Is it possible, using regular expressions or otherwise, to rename a folder automatically while renaming the files?
    Example: I right click on a folder containing an album, use the mp3shell extension and hit something inside of mp3tag to do it automatically.

  2. Would it be possible to have mp3tag use %artist% to create a folder, then another folder in there named using %album% (%year%) and then inside of that folder place all my renamed / updated music files belonging to the album?

  3. And would it be possible to do step 2) all in one step? As in select multiple folders, open them in mp3tag and hit one button? I've run into problems trying to use it to modify and rename several albums at once.

If anybody has any suggestions outside of the scope of my questions, please feel free to mention that as well :slight_smile: I'm simply looking to automate as much of my file & folder renaming as possible.

Help and advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

format tag-field: "_DIRECTORY": %album% (%year%)

format tag-field: "_DIRECTORY": %aritst%\%album% (%year%)

yes, you can select and rename rename at several folders at once. but all the albums have to be in seperate folders before if you want to use the actions above.
if you have songs of several albums in one folder, use the "convert tag to filename" button with the following sting:
%aritst%\%album% (%year%)$num(%track%,2) %title%
(if you put ALL your music in one folder and use this command, you will get exactly your desired folder system and file names.)

no futher suggestions