Autonumber Glitch

Hello! In my music collection I have several multi-disc albums. I like to keep each disc in a separate folder, with the album name and the disc number as a title to the folder. I've used the Auto number tool, with the disc number option on and the Restart for Every directory option on and it usually works like a charm. I've tried it today on a ten (10) disc set with 500 files in 10 directories. The numbering goes awry with disc numbers going from 1 to 436, and track numbers all over the place. I'm using Mp3tag 3.02, Windows 10 Home 64bit. I presume it could be a computer memory issue (2GB).
Any ideas out there? Your contributions will be very much appreciated

The files have to be ordered in such a way that tracks that belong together are also in sequence as files.
Otherwise every change of directory between 2 files increments the disc number.
MP3tag has no idea what an album is and it does not remember that somewhere further up the list there was a similar name.
So take care that you have it ordered correctly.

Thank you!
This sound very very plausible! I will try it as soon as possible and come back with the results!!

Hello again!
The obvious usually goes unnoticed! I loaded all the directories into MP3TAg, ordered them by PATH, started auto number and... It worked like a charm! Thank you very much!

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