autonumber tracks in multiple albums

I have tracks from multiple albums loaded. How can I autorenumber them so each track gets the tracknumber from its order in the album as sorted by Artist then Title ? Thanks.

EDIT: Albums are indicated by Album property but not necessarily in separate directories, so auto-number wizard "Reset counter for each directory" is not suitable.

EDIT: As a temp workaround, I folderised the albums and used autorenumber. A proper solution will still be appreciated! :slight_smile:

As MP3tag does not compare the current file with the contents of the previous or the next (it only looks at the current file) there is no way to find out that the album has changed.
(I have been missing a compare function bitterly as I would have liked to use MP3Tag to find duplicates. Well, this is not possible.)
Hard luck.

Surely 'Reset counter for each directory' must be doing some comparison.

'Reset counter for each directory' has nothing to do with the evaluating or comparison of tag field content which resides relatively in a previous or following media file ... what ohrenkino would like to have as a new feature.
'Reset counter for each directory' - as the name implies - is an instruction for a folder related technical enumerator to be set to initial value in case of changing the current folder.


Oopes, yes, I had overlooked "the contents of". Thanks D.

A track number and its relation to a collection of tracks is an attribute of a media file on a logical level.
Mostly the track/totaltracks attribute has a relation of 1:1 to the media files in a album related folder (sorted by track number), but sometimes possibly not, e. g. due to some missing file of an album or compilation. Mp3tag could not guess the right track value of a specific media file.
Well, you can use "tag sources" or such online services to fetch the proper track number from an external database.
Autonumbering is only suitable for a 'clean folder' which contains a complete collection of media files.
chrisjj, what you have called a "temp workaround" is in fact the only proper solution.


I'm not asking it to. It works well enough for me now, except only that each album must be selected manually.