Autonumber Wizard feature information please? Sorry but I can't find it!

I did my duty and read the frequently asked questions. And I have been reading lots of threats which mentioned the autonumbering wizard, but neither these threats nor the help system tell me about this feature so please point me or guide me to information on how it works.

Sincerely feeling silly

See the help of MP3tag (press F1) and see the description of Menu Extras.

The autonumbering wizard creates a sequence of numbers with a 1-increment for the selected files and stores them in the field TRACK.
The dialogue and its options should be straight forward.

Thank you for that reply.
It does not make sense to me.

But a reply in this thread next this one seems that the answer.

Hubird said- - Use the auto numbering-wizard, Tools>auto numbering-wizard. From memory it just sets the track number in the file tag but you can easily and automatically copy the tag to the file name.

I am not quite sure what the problem is.
"Tools" probably refers to the toolbar which has a short cut button to start the autonumbering wizard. Move the mouse over the toolbar until it shows a corresponding bubble help.

Track numbers will not be copied automatically anywhere.
If you want to rename a file so that the name features tags or parts of them, use the Converter > Tag - Filename.
For this converter you have to enter a mask which consists of tag-variables (and/or text).
A right-arrow in the dialogue helps you to compose a mask from variables.
A fairly often used mask would be:

%track% - %title%
If you want to have leading zeros in the filename, use a mask like:
$num(%track%,3) - %title%

In the english version of the Mp3tag user interface you will find the Tracknumber Assistant in the main menu bar's "Tools" submenu: Mp3tag/Tools/Tracknumber Assistant.
The usage of the assistant is self explaining.
If you are unsure how to use it or what the result could be, then take a few test files and try out the different options.

This description may help you to understand ...

The Tracknumber Assistant covers following methods and options:
  • Define the number to start counting from, low is 1, high seems to be 10000.

    But 10000 seems not to work.
    In the german version the counter field can be spinned up to the value "10.000",
    but the assistant takes it simply as "10" (==> bug).

  • Define the number of the peak value, when using the "counter/peak" format.

  • Always count by 1 beginning from starting number.

  • Count by 1 from starting number and additionally store the defined peak value using the "counter/peak" format.

  • Pad counter number and peak number with a leading zero.

    This works from 1 to 99 and formats counter and peak to two digit number strings.
    This does not work, when the peak number is lower than the counter number
    (==> bug).

  • When applying to more than one folder, then automatically reset the counter and calculate the peak value for each folder.


Would You give an advice, how i can add more 0 on left side of track? I mean 3-digit format of track number 001, 002, 003 etc.
Thank You.


The leading zeros of the track number assistant depend on the number of digits in the highest number.
If you want to have a user-defined format then create yourself a function of the type
"Format tag field" for the field TRACK.
Enter as format string: $num(%track%,3)
The "3" determines the number of assumed digits.

Use the Mp3tag Scripting Function $num(), for example: $num(%TRACK%,3).


I know, my answer has no any useful information, but

  1. Thank You!
  2. It's awesome approach!

Well, would You advice, what function makes numbering wizard's work? The matter is that i'd like to create a single action, which creates and formats track number. $num(%TRACK%,3) just makes formatting (and converts empty track number into 000).
Thank You in advance.

The numbering wizard with all its functions cannot be called by an action.
As any action would also do nothing more than insert a number in the field TRACK but does not reset the value when changing to another directory, it is almost pointless to use anything else than the numbering wizard for that purpose (and it is quicker to access, too, as the numbering wizard can be called via the toolbar, your user-defined action cannot).

If you want to have an action that "numbers" then create one of the type "Format tag field" for the desired field and the format string

In order to suppress the creation of a tracknumber containing all zeroes like '000', when using the function $num(%TRACK%,3) on a non existing tracknumber value, you should check at first for the existence of the tag field by applying this scripting expression ...



Thank You very much, guys. Because of i works always with one directory, containing one album, your advices served me a good help.