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I'm doing something incredibly stupid (nothing new there!). I had autonumbering working last week, but now I can't enable it.

I select all the listed tracks, and then do the autonumber wizard. It opens up a box and counts through the tracks, then apparently completes successfully, but where/how do I now find the numbers?

I've searched to add a "tracknumber" or any other column to the file listing and can't find anything that seems to be the right one.

I know this is simple, because I did it before, but I absolutely can't do it again today.

Many thanks for any help.....


What kind of files? MP3? FLAC?

Press ALT + T on one of your "autonumbered" files and check if the tag containing this number is exactly the same as in the column definition (the fields "Value:" and "Field:").

Thank you. These are FLAC files.

I'm not sure what the values should be in "Value" and "Field".

Here is a tag after I ran the auto-numbering wizard and it doesn't show any value anywhere (the track number is not the auto-number, it is just the number of the track on the CD).

The Wizard updates the Fields for TRACK and (if enabled) TOTALTRACKS. Plus if you also choose the disc details it adds DISCNUMBER and (if enabled) TOTALDISCS.

At a bare minimum, the field you can update with the wizard is TRACK. You can change what field this is assigned to.

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It is actually TRACKTOTAL(which is also shown in the screendump)

BTW - I typically use ALAC (lossless mp4) so the total fields may be different. TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL can be used interchangeable for other formats like FLAC.

There is a full mapping index here for reference.

Thank you. TRACK it is. I'm not quite sure what TRACKTOTAL is/does, the number doesn't make sense, but TRACK is the value I was needing.

As I thought, very easy and obvious, once you know.

Typically this is the total count of the tracks on each disc. Some may choose to use it to count all tracks on a set, but that is not the norm. Similarly this is the difference between DISCNUMBER (the current disc) and DISCTOTAL which would be the total discs in a set.

Your screenshot is showing the track number 12 (TRACK)
The current medium has a total of 14 tracks (TRACKTOTAL)
Your current medium has the number 5 (DISCNUMBER)
Totally there are 5 (DISCNUMBER) mediums for this set

The track total shown in my earlier screen shot just coincidentally implied it was the total count of all tracks.

Here's a better example; I think tracktotal refers to "total number of tracks on this CD" because I've never seen a number higher than a number I'd expect to see on a CD.

That's exactly what is is intended to be.

Looking at this latest screenshot thought, it seems you have highjacked the TRACK field to do something abnormal. Especially since this is a FLAC file, there should only be a single integer there, without a slash followed by a total count. And the redbook standard for CD is a maximum of 99 tracks. :thinking:

Hi, the track numbering you see was created by MP3Tag. It is what you get from the wizard if you specify the "save total count of tracks" option. :grinning:

Could you show us the settings of the tracknumberng wizard?
It looks like you never reset the track number.
The wizard usually needs a change of directory as triger.

I simply checked the option to save the total number of tracks. That created the "track number" / "total tracks" format you saw, I think.


The track numbering wizard looks like this in the latest version:

But even in your older version you have not set "Reset counter for each directory" which means that the counter keeps counting.

The screenshot is not from the latest official version (it's v3.18 currently, and it's not an old version), but refers to the latest beta version, available from here.

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