Autonumbering on WMA files not working right


Having a problem getting this to work as expected with WMA files. MP3 files seem to work fine.

I highlight the range of WMA files that came off the CD. They are already in track order since the track # is first part of the filename.

I tell Autonumbering Wizard to start with 1, and then press OK. Mp3Tag then shows the first track to be number 1\2 (next one is 2\3, etc.) and all other programs, including Windows Explorer, see the first track tagged as track #2.

How can I get this to just tag as tracks "1", "2", "3", etc.?



Uhm, I think you have to disable the Save total count of tracks option at the Autonumbering Wizard.

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~ Florian


Thank you very much for replying, but I didn't make that clear...

I have disabled both the leading zero and total tracks options. Still, I get these strange track numbers, e.g. "1\2", "2\3", "3\4", etc.

If I enable the total tracks and leading zero options, then the numbers come out even stranger looking like this: "01\13/2", "02\13/3", "03\13/4", etc.

The problem is that other applications, e.g. Windows Explorer and Rio Music Manager, seem to only read the last number, so the tracks come out "2", "3", "4", etc.

I simply want the tracks to be "1", "2", "3", etc.

Any thoughts?


yes, same here
when i look at file info in foobar it shows:
TRACK = 01/02
so i guess its just the way wma's are tagged and mp3tag displays both fields, TRACK and TRACKNUMBER


Interesting, I didn't know there were both TRACK and TRACKNUMBER tags.

Mp3Tag allows you to edit only the TRACK tag, but other Windows programs (e.g. Windows Explorer and Rio Music Manager) display only the TRACKNUMBER tag.

Is there a way to tell Mp3Tag to make the two tags match and start them both at "1"?



I found a workaround for this...

When you use Autonumbering Wizard on WMA files, tell it to start at 0.

Mp3Tag won't actually write a "0" in the first track, but it does number from the second track down starting with "1". You then manually enter a "0" for the first track.

When you look at these files in Windows Explorer, they will show the proper "Track Numbers" starting with 1.

Only seems to be a problem with WMA files as their tagging must work slightly differently than MP3. Autonumbering Wizard works perfectly as is with MP3 files.

Maybe this could be addressed in a future revision?




I'll have a look at this - something is wrong with wma files here ... :rolleyes:

~ Florian


OMG, wma is so spoony ... wma has bot a Track and a Tracknumber field. The track field is for backwards compatibility and is zero-based and the newer tracknumber field is 1-based.

Very weird tagging format - I'll hackfix this to the next release.

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~ Florian