Autonumbering Title fro kindle

Hi. im trying to copy audio book (collection of mp3 files 0 to Kindle. Kindle shows only Artist and Title in the list view but not the Filename (track name). I tried to specify in the title %Filename% but mp3tage taks it literaly to the Title. So is there a way to assign autoincremented Title?

If you want to assign the file name to the TITLE, use %_filename%


Thanks. I'd like the title to contain actual title like "blabla" + trackname so following your recommendation, I entered into the title box left pane blabla%_filename% but the result is literally this string constant for all tracks. Th trackname =filename is 01.mp3, 02.mp3, etc... and teh result should be blabla01.mp3, blbla02.mp3 etc.

If you have also stored a track number in TRACK (you could use the numbering assistant to fill that field easily) then you should apply an action of the type "Format tag field" for TITLE.
Enter as format string:

Blablabla - $num(%track%,3)

(Enter whatever text you like for the Blablabla, the following statement adds the tracknumber with padding for 3 digits).

Dear ohrenkino, thank you. Your method worked great. I selected main menu->Convert-> Tag - tag . and use your string as format. The main menu->Convert-> Filename- tag option has OK button grayed out. How could it be activated?