Autosave Changes

When I make changes to the left hand window e.g. add album cover or change Genre etc. is there any way I can make them autosave rather have to click the Save Changes box?

You can activate "Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click" in Options -> Tags:

The changes will be saved if you click on the next file.

In addition you can set some warning messages:
(this is an example only, not a recommendation)

If you want to edit field by field then don't use the tag panel but enter the data in the file list.
The virtues of the tag panel are that you can enter changes for several fields and save them in 1 go - which means that you have to tell MP3tag that you have finished editing.
Otherwise you would have to wait until MP3tag has saved the changes of a single field to all the selected files before you can edit the next field.
This would slow down editing considerably. That is why you have to trigger the save process when you have finished editing.
You don't have to wait for the Save changes box if you press Ctrl-S or the save button in the tool bar.

Thank you, that works fine.

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