AutoSelect Files Used to Open Mp3Tag

Hi guys,

I select files in Windows Explorer & right click to open them with mp3Tag. But when mp3Tag opens it doesn't select the files. This doesn't make much sense. Most people would want all files selected. If they don't they have to go through the effort of selecting the files they do want to edit whether mp3Tag selects all or none.

Please make an option to select files in mp3Tag at startup.


Just curious, ...
for which following task within Mp3tag, ...
do you need a pre selected set of files in the Mp3tag listview?


Anything that would effect multiple tracks eg. Album Artist, Album, Genre, Year, Album Art, etc...

Maybe I didn't explain it perfectly. mp3tag should automatically select the files that were selected in Windows Explorer.....This of course is all the files in mp3tag.

This is now available.

Florian, Thank you very much for this enhancement!


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

In case you notice anything which is not working as expected, please let me know.

Kind regards

I'm loving this update.

Thanks Florian.