Available tags per file format

I'm working a lot with tags as a starter DJ. I currently use in my mp3 these ones:
artwork, %artist%, %title%, %album%, %track%, %year%, %genre%, %initialkey%, %bpm%, %composer%, %comment%, %mixartist%, %origalbum%, and %mood%.
I can't see the bold ones in Windows 7, but they are fine in both rekordbox & Virtual DJ, and I should be even able to see the "mixartist" near a track in a CDJ. Now, since only the last 3 Pioneer DJ players support the flac format, I would like to know what tags I won't be able to put (an read everywhere) in a wav, aif, aiff and alac-encoded m4a file, because I'm keeping my lossless files in a reckless way. :rolleyes:
Thank you in advance

SOLVED: aiff keeps the wav quality and even the mp3 tags

see the help on the supported fields:

I'm sorry, but I can't understand what columns for the mentioned file formats (mp3, wav, m4a, aiff) I should look, regardless of the software I use

You see the fields that are defined by the standard for MP3 and some for other file formats. You can add user-defined fields for some formats, some like WAV or ID3V1 have special limitations.
What the respective player or library can show is down to the individual implementation and has hardly anything to do with the file format. E.g. iTunes does not show the language (WMP does) but shows the BPM field (WMP does not) - and these fields are standard fields.

So I would say that any advice on which fields to use and which not is more or less impossible.

What you can try:
use one file as source,
copy the tags with the MP3tag Copy Tag function,
select a target file in a different format,
paste the tags,
see what has been transferred and what hasn't.
MP3tag should be the master here.
Finally, see what your player does with the tags.
(e.g. WMP on W7 does not show the composer in WAV files. It works in W8, though)

Thank you, I did what you suggested and now I can say that in rekordbox aiff and mp3 share the same tags, while wav doesn't support the artwork, the composer, and the mixartist. In iTunes wav only displays the filename and the only difference between aiff and mp3 here is that the first doesn't display its artwork.

If you can see the tags in MP3tag allright, then you could continue to gather as much information as you think is useful - perhaps you find a player in the long run that shows just the information that you need.