Average file time

Does anyone know how to count the average time of files?

I guess all what would had to be done would be adding numbers from the LENGTH tag field and then dividing by the overall number of files. But time is not counted in a decimal system, as files are

Lower right hand coner of UI. Has file count, time and size.

Best you can do is divide the total time of selected by selected file count.

Start with the lowest unit and use $mod(xxx,60) to find the remainder.
Use $div(xxx,60) to find the integer of the division and add it to the next unit.
Go on like that until you have calculated all sub-values.

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Maybe have look at ...
XML Export by Kage

In general you can add %_length_seconds% per file and divide the sum by %_total_files%.

Try this export file (one line):
$filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Export.Time.Files.Avg.txt',UTF-8)'Total Time [s]: '%_total_time_raw%', Total files: '%_total_files%', Average Duration [s]: '$div(%_total_time_raw%,%_total_files%)

Output examples:
Total Time [s]: 28, Total files: 4, Average Duration [s]: 7
Total Time [s]: 344, Total files: 4, Average Duration [s]: 86
Total Time [s]: 330, Total files: 2, Average Duration [s]: 165
Total Time [s]: 507, Total files: 3, Average Duration [s]: 169
Total Time [s]: 146, Total files: 29, Average Duration [s]: 5

What do these values tell us?

DD.20170718.1120.CEST, DD.20170719.1846.CEST

That gives you an average-result that does not make really sense.

For instance:
If you have 10 files that have a length of 5 minutes und ten songs that have a length of 2 minutes you get 3,5 minutes as average result for a song despite the fact that you oown no song of this length and even no song that comes near this.

How stupid am I not to realize this on my own? Thanks

[(days x 24 + hours) x 60 minutes x 60 seconds] / number of files

And the answer is: 162 seconds

2:42- hmmm, how interesting and valuable that piece of information that is...

My math teacher in high school used to said: "I have drunk 1 liter of vodka and you have drank zero. So, on average we both have drank 0.5 liter, right?" So of course on small scale it does not make any sense. But it does with thousands of objects

And I was not trying to know what is the average length of songs in history of mankind. And even if, then what- I you should then take into consideration that fist vinyl records could not hold more than 3 minutes or so? And do what with that issue? And what about all those club and album / extened mixes- count them in or out?

I just wanted to know what I have. But later on I realized I should take out of equation files from albums that are scores and OST [as the also may contain non-songs]. And also take out songs that have smooth transition [and I keep them as a single file]. And also leave out tracks that I do not keep in 100% [if I like only a guitar solo from a breakdown then I keep only the solo and not the whole song]. And so, the second time I ended up with 4:14