Bach Cover Image

Hello everybody ! I'm Mar10

I have a folder with a list of mp3 audio files
I have a folder with a list of JPEG image files

both lists Mach 100% they have the same name and number


02 House mp3
02 house JPEG

I need to know how I could batch assign all the JPEG files to the MP3 files

I have hundreds to do, I try to do this manually but it took Hours Just to do 300 !!!
my eyes and butt where supper tired!

Please help me out!

Thank You!

Create an action of the type "Import cover from file"
Enter as format string: e:\path to images\%_filename%.jpg

Replace the "e:\path to images" with your local settings but use an absolute path complete with drive letter and all folder names.

Hello ohrenkino, I try all the setting you recommended, It work changing only the cover of the selected mp3 file, I try different ways to make it work, but dint work.

please look at the screen shots.

Actions always treat the currently selected files. If you want to apply the action to more than one file, select them all and apply the action then.

If you claim

is correct, then all mp3 files with an exactly matching named jpg file will get a cover.
Mp3tag takes the filename literally. It does not guess.
The message that a picture could not be accessed hints that there is no such file. Have a look at the picture folder and check where the differences in naming are.

Thank You

yes i thing the names are Not 100% the same. I will let you know what happen.
Thank You for the quick help, I really appreciated.

Hey Again

I check and made sure all the files have exactly the same name.
But it still gives me the message that the image cannot be accessed

here are the mp3 file and the Jpeg file

doe to the file limitation I can only upload one file of each, it will be great if you take the time and make two folders on your desktop, duplicate the files and see if the action work, if so, then I can get the same workaround and solve the issue.

Would you please give them a try and see if you can make it work?

Thank You in advance.

01_3D_Blender_Interface.mp3 (49.6 KB)

01_3D_Blender_Interface.mp3 (49.6 KB)

I see 2 mp3 files ...

here is the jpeg

Its 4:30 am in Las Vegas NV USA, I need to get some sleep !

Thanks for helping me .. see you all tomorrow. Mar10

As far as I see it, you have used the extension "jpeg" in the action - please check if the file's extension is actually "jpg".

OK Thank You for your help I appreciated, I will make sure I do that.