Background colour / mark as answer

Nice new forum, best of luck Florian.
It'll take a bit of getting used to.

:heart: the new upload from web and the emojis of course!! The new similar topic one also. Perhaps this will prevent all the FAQ's been asked on a regular basis.

Just one minor gripe for me, it looks a bit same'y (if that's a word) and hard for me a least to distinguish different replies, threads.
stackoverflow comes to mind although it's upvote feature is cool which I see you've got a heart which is way more modern :slight_smile:

  1. Just wondering if the background colour could be slightly different from the thread titles and answers as an option.
  2. Perhaps the ability to mark a reply as the answer?

Good luck with the new look.

-- stevehero

Many thanks, stevehero!

I've refrained from adding any customizations so far — mainly because it makes it more difficult to maintain and is a lot of work :slight_smile: I'll keep this in mind, when I'm working on the theme.

Good idea! I've added this to topics in Support and General Discussion. If you think it might be relevant elsewhere too, please let me know.

Thanks for the feedback!
— Florian

Thanks. I'm just not a fan of forums where everything is blanket white. Some subtle differences in the different replies would be a great addition.

I can't seem to reply with quote?


You can select the text and then press Quote.

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Ah, very cool indeed.

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To expand on this.

I was trying to think of a forum I use that looks minimal and really easy on the eye. It has the ability to mark as answered (multiple ones). The forum is

So, let us say I have a problem with an iPhone, you choose what brand/model etc and then ask the question relating to that model. This way each of the phones model questions are grouped together. Should you click on that brand of phone.

The same could be done for each of Mp3tags features. Be it an individual action, UI question, filter or any other question related to Mp3tag.

Also, to go back to the contrast of each reply. has the replies nested inside that border which is nice and subtle but clear at the same time. It's much easier to differentiate between them I feel.

It also has rep beside each of the users beside their avatar which is nice (Or the old post no. would be great). And, if there was an online status there too it would be great.


No biggie if you can't do these but it would be nice.