Backing up all itunes library ID3 Tags


I'm trying to make a backup of all my iTunes ID3 tags (all 17 thousand or so of them). I don't know how many times I've put hours and hours of time into manicuring all my ID3 tags, just to lose them when I've had to rebuild my library from the raw MP3 files (for any number of reasons).

In any case, I've installed this rather cool program (Mp3tage 2.46a), and would like to start by creating a backup of all my ID3 tags in iTunes.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!


itunes and MP3tag do not have to do anything with each other.
There is a function in itunes that exports the entries of a playlist to a csv-file (comma separated value) which then can be rea by other programs like access or excel. So you would have to create a playlist which contains all the tracks.
mp3tag does the same (and also some other formats). And I think you can restore the tags again from that csv-file - as long as it has the correct tag names in it.
You will not get everything out of the itunes database. I think the database entries for rating and number or replays are not exported...

In general: mp3s are so flexible as each track carries all its metainformation in the file and you do not have to rely on some external database which can get lost or corrupted. So I would more walk along the line to get the tags in the files right and then use itunes as a player and nothing more.