backup database for next time


I always work in the same folder with sub-folders, this is are collection of over 25.000 music files, all of these files a located on the network, if i start the program en load all these files, i have to wait for more then a half hour for read all these files. Is it possible to make a export en the next time a import of the database? or is this a feature that comes in a (near by) later version?

MP3Tag uses no database. It relies on the metadata in the tags of the files.
If you don't have to work on all the files you should only those files you want to work on.

A database is OK if you want to access existing data quickly.
MP3tag is a program that helps to create the data by adding tags to the files.
Ususally, I apply MP3tag to tag new files which are not in the database. So I would have to update the database first before I can see the new files. I don't see much of an advantage in such proceedings.
And, after one has updated the files, it would be necessary to also update the database. In which intervals would you like to do that? After each update or after the end of session?
So, yes, if you cannot be sure that your data is somehow uptodate and you have to load all the files every time, this can be a tiring affair.
This would then probably take just as long as loading the files in the first place.

I agree with poster poster that you do not have to load all files.
You can drag&drop a selection of files and folders into MP3tag to deal just with these files.

Thank you al for replay, why i always load all these files, because i have to much double files. Now i have a playlist to listen all the files, if it is boring or not mu taste i will delete that file, but if i will save the files i also will look for double files in my whole collection for delete the double files and look for the best one.

It is pity, that it is not possible what i want, but thanks