Backup of all my settings including rename listed sets

hello from Greece. I am expirience problems with my laptop and i want to backup all the settings i have done (over than ten years...) with the simple back up plan that you are advising us i have done it before but the settings of the (letters example from greek to english) aren't in the backup file.Also can i keep the number of the sells (at the left panel) as it was? what else do i have to do for saving them too? thanks!
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Have a look at the documentation:

ok if i follow this i will have all my settings backup? because the last time i couldn't find the list i am showing in the picture.

The actions are saved in the folder data\actions,
the tag panel configuration is saved in the folder panels if you have saved it.
The total configuration is saved in a zip-archive as described with the function
File>Save Configuration
You find the configuration folder with the function File>Open configuration folder.

This is my backup file. is it right?

If you saved the file with File>Save configuration then you should have got a message box which tells you how to restore the data again.

I cannot tell if that picture shows your configuration but in general a configuration archive could look like that.

I understand about saving the panels !! Thanks a lot for your help!! Have a nice evening!