hey everyone.thank you guys for your great job.i just want this web source so is a great music database that most of my music is from there and i dont find them any where elese if anyone can make this for would be great.

This would be a valuable addition as bandcamp is becoming very popular with indie artists and many of these albums are not found in the traditional databases (discogs) or sold in the traditional marketplaces (amazon, itunes).

I agree that this is very much needed.

All the album info is under "var TralbumData."

EDIT: well that was pretty easy (~30mins). My source pulls the artist name, high res cover art, track#, titles, album description and bandcamp id's. Although, the search is tied to the artist field because bandcamp's general search is lame (and they didn't release documentation on more advanced queries). Thus, artists with special characters may bork the search. The issue now is whether it is legal to post the source here (see AMG).

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can we get the source please ????