Basic batch tagging

I'm a newbie. And I can't figure out why when I select more than ONE file then using the MENU item > TAG SOURCES > freedb > determine from selected files> I get the ERROR "No Suitable entry found for freedb ID 2c02d807.

I have a ton of files to tag. It only allows me to do the above action if I ONLY select ONE file at a time.

Please tell me that I'm doing something wrong because I can't imagine this program cant scan and tag files in a batch fashion. Thanks, bob

see e.g. here:

Just to be clear, the Tag Sources are designed to tag one album at a time, not an assortment of files from various albums.

For successful tagging using "freedb > determine from selected files", each and every track of 1 and only 1 album must be selected and they must be in the correct order in Mp3tag.
It seems as if this search relies on the number of tracks and their length and/or order, without regard to metadata or filenames.

You mean I have to tag every single LP manually? Are you kidding me?

see here:

Yes. No, I'm not kidding you.

I'm tagging my collection for a long time, album by album, year by' long process if you want to make it right. :wink:
Literally, if you have large music collection and you want to make it right, that's really long process and it can take you few years.
I have few versions of same albums (LP, CD, web downloads, reissues, limited editions, original releases etc.) and I don't know if any tag app can make that right in one go.
Maybe MB Picard can do that but you can't get 100% correct results for all albums and again you will need to check all albums before writing tags in Picard.