Basic .txt export

Hi, Im looking for a basic .txt export according the following format :

%year% - %artist% - %title% (%year%) %genre% -

Thanks to anybody who helps :slight_smile:

Look at the txt_taglist example.

How do you want it sorted? I used my own sort method (artist, album by year, disc, track) in the example below:

$filename(%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\MP3 Archive.txt,utf-8)
%year% - %artist% - %title% (%year%) %genre%

Lets say I have lyrics i want to export to a text file with the same name as the audio file (because i'm converting to another format and don't want to lose my lyrics.) How would i go about doing this?

For one file only you can use this export script ...

(one text line) $filename(%_folderpath%%_filename%'.USLT.txt',UTF-8)$if(%UNSYNCEDLYRICS%,$regexp($regexp(%UNSYNCEDLYRICS%,'\A...\|.*\|(.+)\Z','$1'),'\A[\r\n\t]*|[\r\n\t]*\Z',),)

The following thread leads to proposals from users, Dano and DetlevD, how to export unsyncedlyrics text for a bunch of files at once ...



Hello, I read the forum and I'm not above ais is if my problem applies. But here I would like to export my lyrics in a .txt file but with a different file for each selected track. Here is my command line but unfortunately it allows me export lyrics of each track in one .txt file :


Would you have a line of a different command to use .txt file separate ? Thank you for your reply.