Basics and Overview

Mp3tag for Mac has two main window components:

  • the Tag Panel on the left
  • the File List where the files are listed

Tag Panel

The Tag Panel shows the tag field contents of the selected files and allows for editing the fields. It also has a dedicated area for displaying the embedded cover art of the selected files.

If more than one file is selected, the Tag Panel shows < keep > for fields with values that differ between the files. It shows the actual field value, if it's the same for all selected files.

Saving Changes

Changes made in the Tag Panel are saved via File → Save ⌘ S, the toolbar button, and automatically when changing the selection in the File List.

The changes are applied to all selected files. If you've modified a field that previously showed < keep >, the files now have all the same value.

Multiple Fields

If the selected file has multiple fields of the same type, e.g., two artist fields, the field values are displayed separated by the multiple-field separator \\ (double backslash), e.g., Artist 1\\Artist 2. The multiple-field separator is not stored in the tag field and only used for displaying multiple fields.

Cover Window

The cover window at the bottom of the Tag Panel shows the embedded album art or a placeholder image. You can perform various actions on the current cover by choosing one of the actions from the contextual menu. If a file contains more than one embedded cover, you can use the arrow buttons to navigate between the different covers. The cover window also supports drag and drop in both directions.

If the selected files don't share the same covers, the cover window shows a placeholder image and a textual hint regarding the varying covers.

File List

The File List lists all the files that are loaded either via File → Open... ⌘ O, drag and drop (also on the Dock icon), or via Open with... from Finder. If you want to add files to the existing list of files you can use File → Add... ⇧⌘ O or hold down the option key when dropping files.

Note: Since you can work with files from multiple different locations, Mp3tag for Mac doesn't have a working directory. All operations are on the context of the file's location.


You can sort files by clicking on the column header of the respective column in the file list or via View → Sort By → ... (which also offers an option to randomize the list).


Mp3tag allows for editing tag fields directly from the file list. You can start editing via a delayed double-click on the field cell or by pressing . Changes are saved directly when leaving editing mode.

Searching and Filtering

You can filter the file's displayed by using any text in the Filter field on the toolbar

Note: Currently, no complex filter expressions are supported but are planned for a future release.

Extended Tags

While the Tag Panel only shows a subset of tag fields, the Extended Tags dialog via View → Extended Tags... ⌘ T allows for viewing and editing all the tag fields of a file.

Tag Sources

You can use the included Tag Sources via Tag Sources → Discogs and Tag Sources → MusicBrainz to import tags and cover art from online databases.

Use the checkboxes in the results window to select which information should be imported to the selected files. Mp3tag writes a new tag to the file based on that selection.

If you want to change the order of the track ↔ file mapping, use drag and drop in the file list of the results window to change the mapping.

Further Reading