batch actions in context menu

I've created an ACTION to import the cover from a folder.jpg file.
Now I have some folders containing albums (a list of mp3) and a cover.jpg
To import the cover in my files I have to select the folder with windows explorer, click with the right mouse and select mp3tag, now the mpt3tag is open inside my folder and I have ti presse ctrl+a (to select all the files) and at the and I can launch my ACTION.
The 2 questions are:

  1. Is there a way to launch directly an ACTION from the CONTEXT menu of windows?
  2. Is there a way to open mp3tag with all the files already selected?

Thanks in advance and regards


But it's fairly easy to put together a tool that does this from Windows Explorer.

  1. Use a command-line tagging program (MetaMp3) that is capable of embedding cover images in Mp3 files.
  2. Create a batch file (or use a scripting language) that embeds images in all Mp3 files in a directory.
  3. Then create a Windows Explorer context (right-click) menu item that launches the script on a directory. There are programs to help you do this, or you can figure it out pretty easily by examining the Windows registry (hint: Look for Mp3tag's own Explorer context menu entries in the registry.)

No. This has been a LONG standing enhancement request from many users. An option to select all files when opening Mp3tag. Anybody who primarily uses Mp3tag from Windows Explorer on small subsets of their library, such as single albums or single artists, would benefit from this. I probably hit Ctrl+A 99.9% of the time that I open Mp3tag.

Actually, I would load all the files into MP3tag starting in the top folder and filter for files that have no cover.
%_covers% IS ""
Then I would press Ctrl-A and run the import action for covers.
It is not necessary to process the files folder by folder.