Batch add copyright column & data to all HDDs

How can I add copyright column to all existing files as a batch edit, including the repetitive data; eg,
copyright symbol 1979-2024

I tried to add via view, extended, but it did not add the column to the folder I was editing.

Thanks for any help.
PS, please keep any programming simple!

Where did you check that the modified data is not there?

In general: load the files.
Select the files.
Open Convert>Tag-Tag for the field that you want to modify.
Enter as Format string:

Click OK to write the new data to the files.

Have you defines a column for COPYRIGHT?
Adding content to the tagfield COPYRIGHT and creating a column in Mp3Tag to see this content in the filie view are 2 different things.

Thanks, worked fine.. never knew what Tag-Tag was used for...

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