Batch Add Cover

Back Again for todays lesson :slight_smile:

I would like to add covers to a batch of 40 folders each containing 20 files .

Each file in the folder would have the same cover , however there would be 40 different pieces of art work in the batch .

The artwork is stored in the same folder as the files it relates to and is called Art :slight_smile:

It is in the format of a .jpg file and I've found mp3tag handles any necessary resizing automatically .

Smart program it is .

Please help with the action needed ?

TIA ( Thanxs in Advance )

Working through this I'm stumped at

Format String for File name .

I've tried Art and Art.jpg but receive an error message that this can not be accessed ?

So now I've got a valid string for the artwork in the first folder and All 40 folders with the same Artwork ....

how to differentiate between folders ?

if there is just one jpg in each of the 40 folders, use *.jpg to import the cover.

if the file is just in one folder, you have to supply the fully qualified filename including path.

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this is the answer .

once again you have been extremely helpful , many thanxs .

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