Batch Add Lyrics From Text Files


Since my last post Here, i have found other means of batch adding lyrics to mp3 files.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Download/Install Evil Lyrics.
  2. Download/Install Itunes 6+. (And add your mp3s to the itunes library.)
  3. Download the JS file Here.
  4. Download your lyrics using Evil Lyrics (you can actually download up to 20 lyrics at the same time.)
  5. Run the JS file.
  6. Finish

I have tried this and it worked.
Only files in the itunes library will be added with lyrics.
There is an option to overwrite all the lyrics (instead of just adding lyrics to files without it) in the JS file.
The down side is if "Evil Lyrics" downloaded the wrong lyrics, then you will also copy the wrong lyrics to the "unsyncedlyrics" Tag.
The up side is that downloading the lyrics is fast. (But not always reliable)
Adding the lyrics to the "unsyncedlyrics" tag may be slow/fast depending on your library. It has no progress indicator or whatsoever but it will tell you when it’s done and how many lyrics it has copied over.
Tell me your thoughts about it.