Batch Add Tags to Specific Tracks

I have a large database of music of which I want to add specific data to, to the Comment Field. In an excel sheet, I have the exported playlist from iTunes for which I have matched up historical Chart data. I would like to figure out a workflow to match the text string up to the correct song and then add it to the correct comment tag.

I am just getting started with MP3Tag and am not sure all the features it has. Would this solution work...Copy each text string to a text file and give it the matching name fo the corresponding song. This would then be followed by a batch append command.

If this workflow could work, how would I specifically execute it? Is there an easier solution? Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!

The best match would be found if you had already an alignment via the filename.

in general: you can import data from a textfile into tags with the function
To import the data, you have to tell mp3tag the sequence of fieldnames and the separator in EXACTLY the format in which the records in the text file are arranged. E.g. every comma and blank counts.

MP3tag does not search for particular strings while importing.
You either have to take care that the filename can be taken as key or you have to match sequence and number of files with that of the records in the text file.

Thank You! Do you have an example from which I could work from by chance or even a step by step workflow? Thanks!

There are different ways to transport textual data from outside of Mp3tag into the tag-fields within a media file under control of Mp3tag.

  1. Use the Keyboard and type in what you want.

  2. Use the Clipboard 'Copy and Paste' feature.

  3. Import the entire content from a text file, having one ore more lines, into one tag-field.
    Use the action "Import text file".
    See also ...

  4. Read a text file with one or more lines of text data, ...
    each line can be structured into several data fields, ...
    and import the data-fields into one ore more tag-fields, ...
    into one media file, one data row per one media file.
    Each line of the import file can be linked safely to the corresponding target media-file by the filepathname of the media-file, ...
    which should be also transferred due to one of the import data-fields (resommended).

If no "file reference link" is provided, ...
then the user must ensure in the course of the workflow, ...
that all media files with their corresponding textual data rows must fit together , ...
therefore the sequence of files in the data-transfer text-file ...
must be the same as in the Mp3tag list-view.

The input file can have standard CSV or SSV format, ...
or any other format structure, which fits to the purpose of the actual data transfering.
Transferring of 'multi-line data' within one data-field needs tricky usage of the Mp3tag scripting language, but is feasable.
Mp3tag's import feature can be adapted to any textual input data format by a so called "Formatstring",
which defines the structure of the incoming data line.
Use the Converter "Text file - Tag".
See also ...


This lead us to a state where we turn in circles.
I have to know which data you have - where the determining factor is the filename.
If you have that, a possible scenario could look like this
contents of text file:

first_file.mp3;uk charts 3
second_file.mp3;us charts 2
third_file;Sweden No 8

Select files, the 3 filenames should be part of that selection.
Use Convert>text file - tag
Enter as format string:

Only the files with matching filenames should get updated.

If you don't have the filename, then the sequence and number of files in the mp3tag selection has to match exactly the records in the text.
The text file then looks like this:
uk charts 3
us charts 2
Sweden No 8

The format string looks like this:

So now it's your go.