Batch add text before/after Title

Sorry if this has been addressed. How do I, in batch mode, add the same text in front of (or after) each track's Title while keeping each original individual title respectively. In this case I have the tracks to an audiobook. The Title of the tracks are 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, etc. for Disc 1; and then 2a, 2b, 2c, etc. for Disc 2, and so on. I want to be able to add the letters SD (abbreviation for the book) in front of each individual track Title so I then have the resulting Titles: "SD 1a", "SD 1b", "SD 1c", etc. I tried selecting all of the tracks and typing in "SD " in front of the < keep > in the Title field, but that didn't work. Thanks in advance.

Holy cow, I actually figured it out. I added the Action:
Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format string: SD - %title%

Ok, so that worked. But is there an easier way to do it within the main window, within the Title field, without having to create an Action?

You can use the Convert>Tag-Tag function with the same format string and the same source field.

Ok, I see that now; it's the same way to enter the format values. Cool - thanks.

Sorry to jump on here but I came looking for help with a similar issue. I've been using MP3 tag for ages now but mainly for basic editing and I think there might be a quicker way to do what I've been doing.

I collect a lot of soundtracks and like to have them named in a particular way Lets take the hobbit for an example Beyond The Forest and My Armour Is Iron are two examples of tracks

Usually I'll convert all the tracks to just their title and then add in the title of the film putting the title track in brackets so the filename for beyond the forest becomes The Hobbit (Beyond The Forest) - I'll copy and paste so all tracks are like that, E.g The Hobbit (My Armour Is Iron) and so on - later converting all these to the title, adding the artist to all the tracks then converting it so the full filename later becomes "Howard Shore - The Hobbit (Beyond The Forest)"

I'm not sure if i've maybe wrote that in a confused way but basically rather than having just the films title in the album I like to insert it in the title putting the track name in brackets. Copying and pasting it doesn't take too long but I was wondering if there was an easy way I could tell it to do this. I know there are actions and stuff but I'm unsure how to use them.


You are right and I hope I understood you intention. :wink:
Take the Converter Tag-Tag or define an action "Format Value".

Type: Tag - Tag
Field: TITLE
Format String: %album% (%title%)

Type: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format String: %album% (%title%)

I think I know what you're saying, and it's essentially the same as what I wanted to do; adding the same extra text to each track's Title without having to do it manually/individually. So if each track's Title is currently the name of the song (e.g. Beyond The Forest) you now want to keep each of those song names intact in the Title, and want to add to them. In this case you want to add "Howard Shore - The Hobbit" and you want to add parentheses around the actual song title.

So using the method ohrenkino just suggested to me. You would select/highlight all the tracks from the soundtrack, click on the Convert>Tag-Tag button, and then you would input the following:

Field: TITLE
Format string: Howard Shore - The Hobbit (%title%)

Ha - or what poster said. Especially if Howard Shore - The Hobbit is the Album field.

This is kind of what i want to do but a little different.

Let's take one I'm formating right now: "Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (Soundtrack)" is the album title and here are a few examples of tracks

(1) Reaper of Souls
(2) Crusader
(3) The Guise of Man

What I have done is converted it so the filenames are the tracknames so Reaper of Souls.mp3, Crusader.mp3 and The Guise of Man.mp3

I want to add part of the album name in but not the full name to this Diablo III Reaper of souls (Reaper of Souls).mp3, Diablo III Reaper of souls (Crusader).mp3 and Diablo III Reaper of souls (The Guise of Man).mp3

Normally I'd just add it in manually by copying and pasting the first part to the start "Diablo III Reaper of souls (" and then going to the end of each filename and manually adding a closed bracket ")" Then I'd convert it so that reads as the title for each track.

However this can take a while with multiple tracks. I don't really know how to use the action system

So I understand you right that you want to change the filename and not to change any tags?
It seems to me that you constantly mix up filenames with tags and call filenames tracks or titles.
You should tell us clearly with an example which tags are filled with which content.

If you want to take only part of the content of the album tag and you want to have some automatism, there has to be a unique delimiter for all of your files between the part of the album you want to transfer and the part you want to neglect.

It is not clear which tag-fields are already filled with data.
Here is a proposal, which relies on already filled tag-fields TRACK, TITLE, ALBUM.

ALBUM = 'Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (Soundtrack)' TITLE = 'Reaper of Souls' TRACK = 1 etc. Steps: 1. Put the album name into a temporary helper tag-field. Action: Format value Field : TEMP Formatstring: %ALBUM% 2. Cleanup the album name by replacing text ' (Soundtrack)' with nothing ... Action: Format value Field : TEMP Formatstring: $replace(%TEMP%,' (Soundtrack)',) 3. Assemble the new filename ... Action: Format value Field : TEMP Formatstring: '('%TRACK%') '%TEMP%' ('%TITLE%')' 4. Rename the existing filename to new name ... Action: Format value Field : _FILENAME Formatstring: $validate(%TEMP%,) 5. Remove the helper tag-field ... Action: Remove fields Names : TEMP