Batch Album Art Resizing

A feature to automatically resize album art and set picture quality in a collection to a particular resolution for any number of music files automatically.

An additional feature to crop the edges of the image to "square it" would be nice if possible.

This is a link to a program that offers the feature in a very limited way.

Making it part of mp3tag would add to its repertoire of being the best music management tool around.

This request is an old one:
Re-size embedded artwork
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and many more

As far as I understood mp3tag it is for tagging. mp3tag does not modify the encoding, nor does it allow to edit the audiodata (or video data for mp4) nor is it a graphic tool.
As there are many more tasks circling around manipulation of graphics (see e.g. Photoshop) it would be rather hard to get the ghost back into the bottle.
I do not write this to discourage you or to criticize your suggestion - it is just my personal opinion.

I agree that its not MP3Tag's task to do album art resizing, its far beyond its scope.

Although it would be nice to be able to use a third party tool to do the bitmap editing from MP3Tag, without having to manually, export, edit, and the import back.
For example, we could just use a freeware command line batch utility like NConvert to do the the resizing or format conversion.
I suppose it can be very difficult to implement this for embedded album art (they would need to be exported and imported from tags on the fly before making them available for the third party tool), but it should be easier for album art kept as separate files, if only we could use title formatting for Tools parameters (something like "nconvert.exe -out jpeg -ratio -resize -ratio 300 0 -o %_folderpath%\%album%.jpg %_folderpath%\images\Cover-Front.tif )