Batch auto tag titles from file names? (Please read description for more info before suggestions)

I know there is a way but in my case there are numbers in front of the file names like

The file name is currently

  1. Another One (feat Diddy)
  2. Game Over (feat Young Breed & Fat Trel)
  3. Ghostwriter

how can i auto tag the title to

Another One (feat Diddy)
Game Over (feat Young Breed & Fat Trel)

Ignoring the numbers? Is there a way for that?

I hope we are talking about the tag field TITLE and not the filename.
To get the data from the filename into the tag field TITLE without the number try
Format string: %dummy%. %title%

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Would %dummy% ignore the numbers? It worked! thank you, didnt know about the %dummy% string option

... a look at the help could have helped:
%dummy% this part will be ignored


Can you help with removing "Kevin Gates" ? I've tried Auto remove a phrase/text in the title/filename? but it didnt work

At least 2 ways to do it:
As I see that the field TITLE is already filled you can simply replace "Kevin Gates-" with nothing (which deletes it).
Do you want "Kevin Gates" to become the ARTIST?
Then use an action of the type "Guess value" (import tag field)
Source: %title%
Target: %artist%-%title%

If you want to use the function Convert>Filename-Tag use
Format string: %dummy%Gates%title%

Thank you "Replace" action did the trick, i dont know how the original file owner managed to horribly tag the file names like that lol

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