Batch change of cover art type

I recently found out that one reason that my mobile phone did not display the covert art of the wma files was that the cover art type was set as "Other" and simply changing it to "Front Cover" fixed the display on my phone.
Unfortunately this change is only possible on a single file at a time. Any chances to be able to update this for a selection of files?


I think you can do it only album by album:
open the extended tags for one track, save the album art (if you haven't got the album art as a file).
Then select all album files, open the extended tag view, delete all embedded album arts and import the album art from the previously saved file.
If you have all album arts already as separate file (like folder.jpg), you can do it mor globally:
select all tracks (not just those of one album),
delete all album arts and then
re-import the album art from the folder.jpg file by using an action of the type "import album art".

I think it is not possible to right-click on the album art placeholder and set it to "front cover".