Batch copying folder.jpg in music folder to CD subfolders


I am renaming and converting my music library (on a QNAP NAS) to make it ideal for use in Emby. My Library looks like this:

CD 1 (with mp3 or flac or alac content)
CD 2 (with mp3 or flac or alac content)
CD 3 (with mp3 or flac or alac content)
booklet folder

My question is: how can i batch copy (or move) all the folder.jpg files into the subfolders CD 1 CD2 etc.? I have a collection of more than 1000 CD's all aranged in the way of the example above. The folder.jpg is in the same directory as CD 1 CD 2 & booklet folder. It would be great if there is an app that can do this like a batch copy-task. I'm not into writing batch files (yet)

All music files have embedded covers. These have different dimensions: 200px200p, 600px600p etc. I want to standarize these embedded coveres with newly scanned and downloaded covers with bigger dimensions: 1200px1200p. The folder.jpg in the example above is 1200x1200. I'm using MP3TAG to import the folder.jpg into the tag using "import cover from file". To do this properly all the folder.jpg need to be in the CD folders, otherwise it doesn't work when the folder.jpg is not in the subfolders CD 1 CD 2 etc.

Any advice will be appreciated



As you can use the filename conventions, you could try the action

Format string:..\folder.jpg
This reads the file from the folder above the current folder.
Make sure that you treat only files that have "CD" in the _DIRECTORY