Batch Copying/Moving a Field from id3v1 to idv32


I'm trying to figure out how to batch copy the comments field of a group of mp3's, copying the the id3v1 comments tags of the files to overwrite the id3v2 tags.

The reason behind this is while I normally have good, consistent tags for my files, when I run them through the program "Mixed in Key" to write the key signature and bpm's to the file, it always does so in the id3v1 comments field, neglecting the id3v2. Subsequently, whenever I look at the files in iTunes and other software, they typically show the wrong, non-updated comments (which usually have that annoying hex code left in them) and will not update. If I read the id3v1 comments and in mp3tag and write them to id3v2, I end up with truncated track names and albums (which is no good).

During a search about this subject in the forums, I read the following post from this site before posting this new topic, but it didn't seem to be quite what I was trying to do (in this case, the poster attempts to append the id3v1 tag to the id3v2 tag instead of overwritting it). Also, I only want to do it for one field (in this case, specifically the "comment" field). /t/10415/1

Is there a way to batch copy only one field from from the id3v1 tag to the id3v2 tag on multiple files? I am not the most familiar with with writing scripts, and I haven't found a script that seems to do it. I'm willing to try and create my own if necessary, but as I mentioned, have no experience programming pascal and I am a very base level programmer in general. I'm guessing I would need to figure out how to read and write fields to and from a text file, as well as how to differentiate between id3v1 and id3v2 tags using scripts, but I haven't found a good tutorial on it yet.

Thanks for all help in advance as I really need info for my job and it's been driving me crazy for a while!


It's possible with a little work. The concept:

  1. Change tag settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg so only ID3v1 tags are read and refresh the file view
  2. Use export tool to export the comment tags to a text file
  3. Enable Id3v2 reading again and refresh the file view
  4. Import the comments from the text file

The export file:

$filename(Comments Id3v1.txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%_path% * %comment%

To import from the text file use "Convert > Text file - tag" with this format string:
%_path% * %comment%


Awesome. Utterly awesome. I even learned a bit about scripting along the way. You don't know how much time this has saved me.

Thank you for your prompt response!!