Batch delete of extended tags?


Is there any way to remove all of the extended tags from multiple files without having to review each file individually and manually delete the extended tags using the Extended Tags (ALT+T) editor? It would be nice to add all of the extended tags to the Tag Panel and set the values to and then save them but it doesn't seem like Mp3tag currently allows that.

If there is no way to do this using Mp3tag (yet?), can anyone recommend another utility that could do it?

Thanks very much!!!


Doh!!! :rolleyes: I just realized that I can add any field to the Tag Panel. Sorry for asking such a dumb question in the first place!!


You can also build an action - Go to Convert, then Actions,
Create a new action, pick "remove fields except" and then add the fields you want to keep
The "standard" ones would be title;artist;album;year;track;genre;comment - plus whatever els you'd want to use, of course. Note the semicolon separators.
If you are using Foobar2000 you might want to add "albumartist" (something that's used to track who's the artist on the album title/cover vs the artists in this particular track). Not something I usually bother with, but there it is...


That's a great idea! Thank you very much for the suggestion!!!