Batch Edit of Genre

Hello, i'm trying to edit several files (5,200) that are of many different genres. I'd like to add a specific genre to all the files. However i want to retain the genre settings that the files currently have. In other words, i'd like to batch add a genre without altering/removing the existing (genre) tags.

Anyone care to help me figure this out? it would be much appreciated.

thanks tom

PS - I've imported the files into mp3tag, but when selecting all the files i get the "keep" option. Of course, adding a genre this way would edit many years of hard work (wholesale removing of my genre tags). I can, of course, edit each file individually, but with 5200 files it would take quite some time.

Try an action of the type "Format value" or use Convert>Tag-Tag for GENRE
Format string: %genre%\\new genre

Try this with a test file first.
Like that you will get 2 fields of the type GENRE, so that it becomes a multi-value field.
Not a lot of players support multi-value fields.
If you have a different separator for the genre, use that instead of the \\.

Thanks! I appreciate the help. Agreed, my player won't see the extra tag. I'm going to hold out for a possible solution that will work, if i can figure one out. Seems it's back to editing each file individually (as i often have to do anyway). Last time i tried an mp3tag batch edit, it impacted my collection in a negative way, and years later i'm still individually correcting the negative changes!

Foobar2000 would.

MP3tag accurately does what it is told to do ...

A possible way for your player would be to take another separator and not \\. This separator creates a extra genre-tagfield. Instead of this you could combine several genres in 1 genre-tagfield. You can use an action of the type Format Value or you can use the Converter Tag->Tag which gives you an immediate preview of the result:
Field: GENRE
Format String: %genre%, Myextragenre

Thanks for your help. One of the issues (for me) is the complexity of setting up these values. It's above my knowledge (and why i created a mess with the last batch edit i tried). I was hoping there was a built in setting i could choose to possibly do what i want. Thanks again, i'm just going to do them all one at a time (just like the corrections i'm still making from the last batch edit).

Better get started it's gonna take years!, Tom

You can use the filter to find files that have data that you don't like.
But with just general statements that there is something wrong it is very difficult to suggest more exact help.
If you showed us examples of what you found and what you wanted, perhaps we get an idea.

Thanks understood. I have two issues, but i think best to focus on one* at a time. Attached is a screenshot that i hope will illustrate what i would like to do. In the attached image, every file has different genre values. I want to add the genre value "7in" to each of them without changing the existing values. The purpose is that in my naming convention i choose to add (7in) to my titles so that it is easy to see that the file is a single rather than an album. I also would love to use my player (Jriver) to select the genre "7in" so i can easily play the singles only if so desired. Hope that helps,Tom

*My prior mess up was in me trying to change all my song titles so they were consistent. In other words, i wanted " Back In The USSR" instead of "Back in the Ussr". After reading other posts and asking for help i gave a batch edit a try. Not good. I ended up with all capitalization's in my comments, artists, etc. This also had the undesirable effect of creating this: Robert Plant/jimmy Page and "robert Plant". So every character following an " or a / was non-capped. I could have dealt with the capitalization, but the non-capped letters bother me. With over 17,000 albums it's now a lifetime project to correct these errors.

You could filter for such tracks with
%artist% HAS /
Then you run an action of the type "Case conversion" for ARTIST
where you set the mode "Normal" and extra characters for "Word starts after"
here: /"
(and many more like parenthesis, punctuation, hyphens etc. if that suits you)
Continue to filter for the other cases where you are not satisfied with the case.
Run the action for each field where the case is not ok.

And just a word of warning: there are so many special ways of writing things, sometimes extra as violation to conventions that you probably will never find a way to deal with all of them in a unified action. So running an action on a complete collection is always rather dangerous

Thank you very much! I'll give it a try as soon as i get a chance. For the 7in records i'm just going to create a playlist as a workaround for now.


Ah, yes, the 7in.
Only if your player can cope with multi-value fields:
Create an action of the type "Format value" or use Convert>Tag-Tag for GENRE
Format string: %genre%\\7 in

The Windows Media player does not like multi-value fields but it splits the genre in several terms if you use as contents Pop; 7in in a single field.
You would have to find out what your player likes.