Batch edit of title field for Subaru car radio

My Subaru radio (2019 Crosstrek) reads MP3's from my USB by alphabetical title name listed in the MP3 file properties, is there a way to batch rename the title field in MP3TAG?

This is how my MP3's are named (windows explorer)


My radio will read them in alphabetical order

I need to rename the title field to include the track numbers 01 02 03 etc... in the title field

I have been doing this manually and it is very time consuming, is there a way to batch rename them to add numbers in order before the title name, ex. 01.track name 02.trackname 03.trackname or am I stuck renaming them one by one.


Use Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: $num(%track%,2)_%title%
I suggest the underscore as separator as the dot is probably not unique so if you want to get rid of the leading number again, it is easier to do so if you have a unique separator.

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Worked perfect, thank you much.

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