batch editing filenames

Hello everyone.newbie here with a question regarding a problem which is driving me crazy.Please help.

I have decided to sort out all of my dj hard drive songs, after years of leaving it in mess and I am trying to tag it all correctly. Most I have done with no problems but the following karaoke songs are tagged incorrectly.

the filename now.............. SFLY801 - Roxanne - The Police
how I would like it to be...... The Police - Roxanne

the tag in the track and the artist fields are the wrong way around and the artist reads Roxanne & the title reads The Police. The disc id appears to go into the correct field after i enter %skip%.

Any help would be much appreciated as I have been messing with it for hours now :-/
Cheers Garry.

You can change the filename or you can first fill the tags with informations of the filename and then build a new filename out of the tags.

Which tag do you want to fill with the ID? (SFLY801 ?)