Batch Editing

I have read the FAQ and searched but seem to be missing something. I am trying to batch edit several files from different recordings. In other words as an example, i have 60 albums that are genre tagged with "rockabilly" i would like to batch edit to "rockabilly; rock; rock & roll". Would someone be willing to point me to link where i can learn about doing this? (preferably step by step).

Note: If i change directory to my entire collection mp3tag loads indefinitely (over 10,000 albums). If this is the only way to make the batch changes i'll let it run over night if necessary. But as a start would love a step by step so i know i'm on the right path.

thanks, tomx2

Load the files into MP3tag.
Select those that should get the same treatment.
If you want to edit the Genre, navigate to that input field in the tag panel (usually left to the files list).
Enter the text you want to see in Genre (in your example this is "rockabilly; rock; rock & roll")
Press Ctrl-S or click on the save icon in the toolbar to apply the changes.

You can modify several fields in the tag panel before you press Ctrl-S.

Thanks! I guess my problem lies it loading the files. In other words, how do i load the 60 albums? They all obviously have different directories. I could load them individually but then i'm not batch editing. If there was a way to tell mp3tag to load all files with the genre "rockabilly" i'd be all set....

I was thinking Actions would be what i need (load entire collection), but unsure of how to go about it and the entire collection is large.

Several possibilities:

Open the top folder that contains all the other folders. MP3tag will load also the subfolders (that is the default setting - if not: Check Tools>Options>Folders and tick "Subfolders")

Or: Open the Windows Explorer, select the folders there and then d&d all folders into MP3tag.

Or: Load the files folder and then click on the folder-icon with the plus on it to add further folders.

MP3tag cannot select all files with a certain content unless it has loaded them before ... but then you can use a filter:

%genre% HAS rockabilly

Very helpful! As i mentioned the collection is large and loading the entire thing may take over night. Not sure, as when i've tried in the past mp3tag seems to load indefinitely and i have always given up. I'll load the entire collection (and of course sub-folders) and then filter (first time for me using the filter tool) to eliminate everything but files tagged with "rockabilly" then make the changes as i would normally. I'll type exactly "%genre% HAS rockabilly" in the lower filter box. I'll let you know how it worked out when i'm done.

Thanks again

If you have much more than 80,000 files then it could be that the available memory (for 32-bit-applications) runs out. You should deal with your collection in smaller chunks, I recommend.

Mp3tag will load files from an M3U or M3U8 playlist.
You could sort your files in whatever media library you use and export the desired files as a playlist.

Sweet Tip! This just might be the best idea yet. I've never used M3U playlists before (i'll do a quick search and learn about them). I'm using "Music Collector" & "Windows Media Player 11".

Ohrenkino: you where correct, i got a runtime error after about 60,000 files. So that won't work. Maybe the above suggestion will be the answer. Now i'm off to see what a M3U is and if my programs of choice use them....or maybe you guys have a suggestion of a program that can create the M3U file?

Update: WMP 11 creates M3U playlists. I created one and can't seem to get MP3Tag to recognize it. The path where the playlist resides (and i placed in the Mp3tag directory) is E:\MusicLibrary- Rip Folder -\Playlists\rockabilly genre.M3U. I'll keep trying...

A "normal" M3U playlist file has a specific format that you can probably see in the ones you export from WMP.
Winamp creates such playlists that Mp3tag will load.

But all Mp3tag requires is a txt file (extension M3U or M3U8) containing a list of paths, without quotes.
If you can make that happen, you just drag and drop the file on Mp3tag or use "Open with".

Mp3tag will not be available in the Context menu for such a file.

Thank You. That did it. Typing the path into mp3tag doesn't work, however your suggestion to drag & drop worked (i would have never though that & still not sure why). Hopefully this will help others in my position save a ton of time organizing their collections. Thanks again, ohrenkino & ryerman !