Batch extract art from embedded MP3

I have 1300 CDs ripped in MP3 format. There are no singles in this collection. Every track has the original album art. I attached the art using J River Media Center. This software allows you to store the tag in the file (as well as in the folder). I opted to embed the art in the MP3 file and erase the art in the individual folders to save space. Is their any way to do a batch album art extraction and get the art put back in individual folders with MP3 tag. J River forum tells me your software will do it. Any help would be appreciated.

There is an action for exporting album covers to files.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I might accomplish this?

Read here:
How to batch Im-/Export of Cover Art?

It worked perfectly. Thanks.

since all of my files have embedded art (18,000 songs). mp3tag crashes when i point it to the batch directory. Sometimes I get a memory error. Sometimes it hangs up. It is extremely slow.

I guess each single picture takes memory, how much RAM do you have?
I don't know if this can be optimized..

But maybe you can try this workaround (if you have mainly complete albums):
When you want to extract the pictures to the disk, you only need one file of each album.
Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and disable the reading of ID3v2 tags.
But be sure not to make any tag changes during the next steps.
Then load your files.
Now open the filter [F3], select TRACK and enter ^01 or ^1$ or whatever matches your first track of an album.
If you see only the first tracks then, create a playlist of them [Ctrl+P].
Go back to the tag optons and enable ID3v2 again and drag the playlist into the program.
Now it's hopefully lesser files and it can read them all and you can start the extraction.

Great idea! Unfortunately, I am not an advanced user and I can't the filter to show the first track of every folder. I can get it to show some, but not all using ^1$

All folders are full albums and the organization is identical. Any ideas?

I want the filter to find all tracks with 1 and 01....what do I use? Keeping in mind that ^1$ works for all tracks that use 1?

For 01 and 1 you can try ^0?1$

I have 8900 tracks and 1 GB RAM and had also problems which should result from low memory.

Should this improve the speed and how does it work if it's snot reading the tags?
I tried it and it's still running, maybe a little bit faster.

That's a great idea how to get one track of each album ... I wouldn't have find that way without this post.
The trick is to get a fast track reading and to create a playlist as smaller subset...but
How does it work. I don't see any tags only filename and I don't find any tag.

Is their a way to filter my playlist by size so I can identify which files are so large? I have about 50 files that the embedded art is so large it shuts down MP3 tag or it error it out. I just can't figure which one it is.

You can add a new column with the value %_tag_size% and click on it to sort by the tag size.

Wolfgang the point of the playlist is to reduce the amount of files with covers so you don't get memory problems.
Once we have the playlist, ID3v2 reading must be reenabled.

I have used the cover to file option. What string only allows one cover art file per directory?